Do Pigs go to Heaven?

A film about motherhood, love, Zagorje as the main character, and one broken hood hair dryer. A bit sad, a little bit more funny story from a screenplay by Sandra Antolić and directed by Goran Dukić.



Almighty and all-knowing Jesus Christ (33), equally all-knowing auntie Anka (57), and a curious hog Beba (2) are the main protagonists of this rural musical comedy, situated in Zagorje during the 1990s, war years in Croatia. The folklore backdrop of the village life illustrated with motifs of a wedding, village fair and pig slaughter fest is dominated by dramatic love between Beba and Roki, a boar of half-Serbian origin, and breakdown of the hair salon bonnet dryer which puts a damper on Anka’s fair preparation. The Mother of God, as deus ex machina, leads the story toward a heavenly epilogue with a pigsty full of piglets and hearts full of forgiveness. Besides fogs in the local pig slaughter fest, there are no casualties. But, in total, there are sixteen newborns! As it usually happens, this feature film is developing slowly but surely. Since our independence, it is our first one, which makes it especially important. Script development and development of the project was supported by the Croatian Audiovisual Centre, and the European MEDIA program 2014.

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